Starting a business and being open for business are two very, very different things.


It took me 3 years to work this out. 


I know right?


Honestly, it's one of those ah-ha moments that just creeps up on you. Think of it this way, back then if you were to walk past a physical version of my shop, you would literally walk on by. Because although I started a business, I wasn't truly open for business.


The lights turned on some days (when I felt like it and didn’t get too busy) and other days the shop front would be dark, invisible or uninviting. Basically, I resisted going all-in with my hustle.


Once I committed to be open for business, well, the whole game changed.




Can you put your hand on your heart and say “I’M OPEN FOR BUSINESS!”


Let me ask you this, if you had a physical shop front what would it look like?


Describe it. What do you see? Does it feel open, bright, welcoming to the people walking past… have you fully committed to serving your tribe... is it ready for me to excitedly come in and drop some serious cash with you? 


Turns out many of my clients who work with me don’t realise this until I ask, "are you open for business?"


When I finally decided to cut the ribbon and declare a grand opening I had no idea the impact I'd have on the world. I just showed up everyday, switched on the lights, spoke to the people who came to browse and always had offers on the virtual shelves. Within 4 months I had made consistent 5-figure months and within 6 months we were hitting multiple 5-figures. 


Today, I’ve come to realise how I love helping the tribe feel confident to say, "I’m ‘OPEN’, I’m ready for business!"


Would you like me to work with you on your grand opening? If yes, keep reading!


We kick off on the 8th of April!


Enrolments close soon...




Once you're in, you’ll have the opportunity to join the private facebook group and access to the program as it opens.


Over 6 weeks we’ll be shifting your little side business to declaring you're OPEN FOR BIZ BABY!


Inside this program you'll get:


  • 8 Video Trainings. This is in total, 9 hours worth of powerful learnings and ah-ha moments! Note - these are all between 45-mins to 90-mins each. They are recorded live trainings seen only by the OYH VIP membership group. These were recorded live which means you get to experience the energy of the workshops which are all so, so incredible.
  • Want to catch me live? I've got you! I'll also be jumping on 3 Live Group Coaching Calls via FB, which will be recorded for your replay leisure. This is your opportunity to ask me anything.
  • I'll also be releasing a brand new, never seen before module all about how to write effective sale copy that sells out my courses every time. This content will be hot, hot, hot. Check the itinerary for more details on this!
  • Workbooks, journal prompts and access for a lifetime.



This program, OPEN FOR BUSINESS is made for the early stage entrepreneur who knows it’s time to cut the ribbon and claim that they're ready for customers. You’ve got grand plans without the grand opening, let’s change this. 



Here's how to know it's really for you:


  • You have some level of your business already set up
  • Perhaps you’ve done some of the branding thing and are looking for momentum
  • The tech set up thing, you sort of know it, sort of don't
  • The social media thing, you’re still struggling to attract consistent clients to your business
  • You're afraid to sell because you don't want to be sleazy
  • You want clients to come to you with ease
  • You're ready to start earning for your great work
  • You are longing for consistent income
  • You want to bust through that next income level
  • You might have your website up, but have no idea how to leverage it
  • You know you could be doing more with your email list and stuff like that
  • You're hazy on how to write sales copy that sounds like you and not like a copywriting robot




Well now, it’s time to dust off the self doubt and get yourself your hot new launch!


Come and join this incredible program & together we'll be celebrating your opening party.


I’m so excited that this is what I’m called to do!


Are you in?



>> 8x Video trainings

>> 3x Live group coaching calls via Facebook

>> Workbooks, challenges & journal prompts

>> Bonus and rand new live training on 'How To Write Effective Sales Copy To Sell Out Your Services Every Time' (worth $333 on it's own)



Everything in the Classic Option, plus


>> 24/7 access to me via Facebook or WhatsApp voice messaging. Send me a question or voice message and I'll get back to you in priority time. It's like having your business coach on speed dial. Clients absolutely LOVE this feature!




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