Hello my love, I'm Ruby Lee the founder of Own Your Hustle and an international speaker, top-charting podcaster and sought after side hustle coach.


I started the Own Your Hustle VIP membership because it wasn’t too long ago that I was searching for a place like this whilst I was side hustling - a community dedicated to side hustlers and early-stage entrepreneurs. 




I'm guessing you are here because you've started your side hustle or you have a business that's just getting off the ground.


You've come to the right place and I am beyond grateful to have you here.


Often I'm asked, "where is the start line?" or "where is the most obvious first step to get my business off the ground?" My answer is simple...


It always starts with the right support network & community. 


I believe this more than ever as I hear the members testify on how this membership has changed their business and helped them grow faster and more aligned than ever before.


Members have gone onto achieving some huge things after each and every monthly class. This includes achieving some major goals such as:


>> becoming a Tedx speaker following All Of The Lights on how to become a speaker

>> being invited to speak at an international conference in Dubai, following All Of The Lights

>> calling in new dream clients, following Journal Your Vision To Life

>> gaining first ever coaching clients, following Souled Out Selling 

>> booking in 5 clients in ONE DAY, following Magnetism

>> growing LinkedIn followings to 20k+, following Content Jam on LinkedIn

>> signing up 3 clients to a core offer, following Create Your Core Offer


See what these awesome tribe members have to say...

When you're on the look out for a community, think about being amongst peers who are striving for and ready to start playing big.


When you're in this space, you can't help but be inspired to action.


So, are you ready?

Here's what you'll get as part of the Own Your Hustle VIP membership...

  • There will be live masterclass and mini courses each month on a topic as voted by the group. Recently the VIP's have experienced:
    • Souled Out Selling - why selling from soul will never feel like selling
    • Your Core Offer - and how to create yours
    • Magnetism - how to become the lead magnet for your business
    • How To Grow An Aligned Online Community - heart-led tribes is where it's at
    • How To Grow Your Email List - because emails are still relevant
  • You will have access to a soul aligned community of other side hustlers from all over the world in our high vibe, high energy Facebook group (my fave place to hang out on FB).
  • You will have access to the content for the lifetime of your membership so you can watch the replays and binge on all the training goodness.
  • There are workbooks and homework prompts to keep you accountable.
  • Members are offered monthly live coaching hot seats and direct access to pick my brain so we learn and grow together.
  • Member hosted masterclasses where every month a member shares their own expertise with the group. If you're wanting a safe place to test out your digital offers and begin gaining confidence to run this on your own platforms, you'll love this feature!
  • We'll collaborate on the Own Your Hustle podcast as a guest and feature in my weekly newsletters/ social media accounts, etc.
  • I’ll also always drop in exclusive offers where you'll receive coupon codes on my other programs that only this membership will get. These are often massive up to 50% off.


Sign up before the end of May and receive these video masterclasses for free:


>> How to be unapologetically you on LinkedIn

>> Beginner's guide to podcasting

>> How I grew my side hustle using Instagram

>> Profitable habits of a side hustler

>> The money principles of a side hustler



$49 per month





$490 per annum



Why will you love this membership?

  • It'll help you believe in yourself despite your obstacles and fear;
  • It'll connect you to a badass community to keep you consistent and accountable (because you know that consistency is key);
  • You'll move past the ‘what if’s’ and start seeing the world in ‘what if you didn’t’…


... here's your official invite to join the Own Your Hustle VIP Membership.




Here is a quick look at inside the membership and what the portal and facebook group looks like.


I categorise my content into two main areas, Soul (mindset and woo woo), Strategy (the tactical, the practical, the how to), Starter Bundle (bonus masterclasses that you just need to do) and the VIP area.


The VIP area is where I post all the bonus content and current masterclasses as we progress together. Its a deep dive into the mindset strategies as well as the practical strategies to elevate your business.



Here is an example of the announcements and interaction I encourage.

Still scrolling?


There is so much goodness and trainings in here that I know you will love, you will absorb and you will apply. I'm here for you and I can't wait to see you inside this very special place I've create to help you absolutely #ownyourhustle 





$49 per month


Sign up for instant access and pay a monthly amount (this price is locked in even if prices go up later on in the year).



$490 per annum


The annual membership means you lock in this rate and get 2 additional months for free.

Hey Ruby! I'm absolutely thrilled to be part of this tribe and also just want to say thank you for sharing so much of your journey. Hearing your story has stoked a little fire in me (and it's growing!) to kick-start my little side hustle - food photography - while juggling a full-time career, is in fact absolutely achievable! There's no more waiting for the 'right moment' to take the leap and dive into the deep end. I've spent the Easter break chipping away at the Hustle packs and working through my Hustle Canvas and I've never felt so inspired, excited, scared and freakin overwhelmed at the same time. Hahaha! Here's to the wildest journey ahead. Thank you!!!! 🙌👊

Dotti Sing

As a OWN YOUR HUSTLE VIP MEMBER you will receive:


  • Live Video Masterclasses

    Every month I deliver at least one video masterclass to the tribe with a whole bunch of follow-up support in the Facebook community.

  • Hot Seat Coaching

    Exclusive live coaching with me that you won’t find anywhere else focused on your side hustle. 

  • Group Challenges

    This is where the magic happens. Each month I set a challenge where as a group we cheer on and keep each other accountable. For example, it may be the LinkedIn challenge to raise your personal brand. We all get behind each other, instantly creating a sense of community support.

  • Mindset Work

    Meditations, journal prompts alllllll throughout the membership.

  • Co-Create Your Dream Course 

    I've been co-creating my courses in here since 2019 which then gets sold out to the public for 2 or 3x the price. The membership site is where all the course creation goodness begins and you get to work with me on this as I make content and trainings that help you up level in your side hustle. 

  • Member Only Content & Discounts

    My VIP's get extra special loooove. As a member you'll have access to special discounts + exclusive offers for upcoming and existing courses to my VIP members.

  • The Side Hustle Tribe

    Members will be part of a thriving community. In here we back each other and support one another through all the wins and the challenging moments. You'll feel more supported than ever before. 

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