“DING, DING!” I heard my phone sing for the first time notifying me of my first ever online sale.


My first sale happened one afternoon. I had just posted my first resume writing offer online, went merrily to the kitchen to prepare a hot chicken roll and somehow in 20 minutes, my first ever online client (shout out Noleen) read the ad and purchased. I had made $150 whilst making lunch!


So much has changed since that afternoon almost 3 years ago. I went from making sales on occasion to creating an income flow that surpassed my salary, eventually giving me the choice to leave my employer if I wanted to.


Along the way I was slowly building up my social media presence and relying on word of mouth leads to help boost my profile. At times it got frustrating. Some months side hustling, I brought in a big fat ZERO dollar amount and others I’d bring in $1,000!


How was I going to be in the position to leave my employer with this kind of nonsense?

The Key To Selling

What do you think the key to selling is?


To me it’s about showing up with soul and putting the damn excuses aside already!


Say it with me now: “selling is sharing my soul work that changes lives”.


I want to share with you how to confidently step into this mentality because without sharing your great work, the world is a dimmer place. 


PS. If you didn't catch Magnetism, my course on sharing your message and being a magnet, then I recommend you do as Souled Out Selling builds on crafting your message and create leads.

What Of That Ceiling?

I started to hit $3-5k months consistently and that was so cool.


I read many sales books, watched on as “sales gurus” shared their selling strategy and I even studied the psychology around selling conversions.


Honestly, most of it felt disgusting.


Many felt like they lacked any connection to the seller themselves and were overly formulated.


Surely there is a way to do it differently?


I rejected the idea that it was the only way. And thank goodness I did. 


I journaled about it furiously. I proclaimed that my higher self would make it obvious to me - that selling could be more fun, playful and done with grace & ease.


I found some middle ground. That the formulas, funnels, opt ins, upsells/ downsells, bonuses, timing the market, paid ads and trip wires were only a small part of the equation.


Within my meditation practice I visualised my aligned soul customers. I saw their faces on my Zoom call, I saw their names join my courses, I manifested sales notifications coming in constantly and felt into that excitement of the first sales and consistent sales hitting my inbox after I launched.


I asked the universe to expand my reach and to help me develop services and products that meant something to people, that helped people, that changed lives.


I started to sell with ease.

I sold out my courses, private coaching spots with soul.



In this workshop + group work you'll:

- Learn how to sell with ease

- Better understand what kind of spiritual rituals, habits and practices you can use to help ease the anxiety or fear around selling

- Craft your unique way of online selling with soul

- Create your own templates, scripts and process that feels much more aligned when selling







>> A deep dive 90-minute workshop on how to incorporate spiritual tools and practices to your sales conversations (with the full replay that you'll have for a lifetime)


>> Over 3 weeks we'll create your sales conversation. Work with me to create you own sales copy to convert your low end offers to your high ticket sales.




>> Income generating meditations after the workshop to keep us focussed


>> Multiple journal prompts to connect to soulful selling (this is where alllll the magic happens)





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