Side Hustlers Ignite is a series of workshops I ran in capital cities for small groups of serious side hustlers.


My message to these groups was simple:


  • It is about setting the record straight with your future self.
  • It is your responsibility to make a commitment to yourself.
  • It is time to shred the dread and instead unleash the soul-aligned hustle within you.


Stop it with the half done hustle already!


There are literally thousands of people waiting for you to show up and #ownyourhustle. This workshop is to give you the inspo and support you need to step into your purpose as you know you were born to live life on your own terms.


Feeling FOMO?

You don't have to! You can purchase the audio replay and the accompanying workbook so you too can own your hustle.






  • Intention Setting
    • 40 minute session
    • No more dancing around the sidelines, it's time to get in the game.
    • No more waiting to be recognised for your skills and talents, it's time to take action.
    • No more being an observer, a supporter, a fan of others - time to play like you own it.
  • Money Mindset
    • 65 minute session
    • Let's look at how you can monetise your hustle.
    • Let’s talk about how you can start to sell and price yourself.
    • Let's map out the different offers you can make.
  • Daily Habits 
    • 50 minute session
    • How to create momentum and flow in your hustle.
    • Where to find those pockets of time to work on your business.
    • How to breakout of any indecision to make real progress.


Expect the energy, the breakthrough, the upgrades, the downloads, the ah-ha moments, the confrontation, the decision, the intention, the commitment and the action.



It is TIME to #ownyourhustle. 



You chose the extraordinary life. You decided a long time ago that you need to create this purpose-led hustle. It’s time to enter a new phase and commit to committing. 


And it all starts here. 







“Yesterday I went to an event for side hustlers hosted by @_rubylee_ in Melbourne. I met so many beautiful souls and creatives doing incredible things in the world of art and business. It’s quite amazing to meet more and more people who work full time jobs whilst humming in their other passion projects outside of a traditional 9-5. Whether it be writing, photography, film, acting, dancing or cooking, people all over are finding the courage and space to do the work that lights them up. It kind of feels like a secret creative revolution! This has been one of the toughest and best years so far I am so so thankful and grateful to have Ruby in my corner as I transition through this next phase of my life.”



"Thank you so much for hosting your Melb event. I got so much out of it and it really highlighted my need to address (with love) my mindset. I also feel fuelled with now I need a plan and to talk tactics! I think your soul mission is very inspiring and again, thank you and Mike for being top people, putting on a top event and doing the things you love. Its very contagious."


“It was such a pleasure and an honor really to be at this event! You are the best host and came home to be so inspired. Since then I’m practicing some tips & tricks you gave us. I could go to so many events, thinking like what can I actually take away from all this info, however you were clear, practical and full of enthusiasm! Truly love your style, beautiful Ruby!!”


"I honestly can't thank you enough for yesterday!!! I just joined side hustle slingshot to help launch my new idea of photography and videography!!"



“LOVED TODAY! Thank you! thank you! thank you!"


“Thanks again for hosting the Hustle event last week. Reflecting on the day and chatting to my peers post event - lots of ideas in creating a new service line”

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