SIDE HUSTLE SLINGSHOT is for the budding entrepreneur ready to take inspired action and slingshot their business dreams into reality.

Maybe you've been kicking around your side hustle idea for a while but unsure how to launch it...


Or maybe you are already running your side hustle but struggling to get sales momentum...


And you recognise now is the time to level-up and learn some practical strategies.



Stick with me my love, I've got something special planned!

Flip that paddle board to say 'yes' to your side hustle...

[hint: the other side also says 'yes']

The problem about turning a business idea into a side hustle is... starting.


Call it professional procrastination, it keeps the person from implementing what they're truly passionate about.

Or maybe they are wrestling with the limiting beliefs swirling in their head:


"I'm scared to start and fail"


"The market is saturated"


"It's too late for me"


"I can never be like him or her and they seem to already have it altogether"


"I just need this and that before I can launch" ... 5. YEARS. LATER


Well, Side Hustle Slingshot is not here to co-sign on your bull$hit (said with love of course)!


It comes down to this...

I've personally coached and mentored 1000's of side hustlers [did I mention I was one myself for 5 LONG YEARS].


Some side hustlers make it, most don't. Most don't fail either - they just kind of float around in the middle and that's a choice.


BUT, what side hustle success really comes down to is this:




In 2017, I decided to take 10 days of holiday leave to work on my side hustle. I packed my bags, headed to Bali (because why not) and once and for all declared that enough's enough...


"Ruby, either get real with the dream to become an entrepreneur or accept that it's just a distant someday thing."


Day after day in paradise, I created a framework for my side hustle to thrive. I set up my social media, designed offers, created a content plan and set a up a procrastination-proof schedule to stay accountable to my purpose.


10 days later I was back in my hometown, and could officially call myself a business owner.


In 10 days I had changed the trajectory of my life and I have never looked back!

Welcome to...

Over 10 days...

I will be your coach to help you take your side hustle from an idea to an income generating business.

>> 10 days of content to grow your business. Each day there is a video module and workbook for you to complete. The modules build on each other, taking you from your idea all the way to launching your offer.


>> Included are daily structured workbooks plus replays of past Q&A sessions I've had with previous classes. 


>> All content is housed in your own portal to access.


>> Topics covered include:

  • creating your clear roadmap to take your side hustle to the next level with ongoing momentum,
  • working purposefully towards growing your customer base,
  • designing your profitable offer to launch to your market,
  • developing a sales framework to bring in sales and attract soul-aligned clients,
  • acquiring an entrepreneurial skillset that can be applied to all parts of your life & biz, and
  • crushing those fear blockers, destroying those doubts and approaching the world with your offer in a whole new, empowered way. 


This is exactly what you're getting...

Sign Up To Side Hustle Slingshot

The only thing in between you and a successful side hustle is your commitment to invest energy and time. That is all. 

What other are saying...

Is Slingshot For You?

Yes if...

☑️ You have an idea, maybe it's a professional service, or a book launch, a podcast, any sort of offer but have not yet monetised. You are SO ready to get started!, OR

☑️ You have recently set up your hustle but you are needing that boost to level up to gain consistent sales, OR

☑️ You need motivation, a productivity push, a sales framework and structure to help keep you on track, OR

☑️ You are a side hustler thinking "finally yes! I need this in my life" and you're ready to spend 10 days to get your hustle off the ground and monetised!, OR

☑️ You want to go from "going to", "want to", "my dream is" to "doing", "loving" and "living" and potentially kickstart a business that will change your life.

No if...

 You aren’t able to commit to 10 days of learning and action - I need you to invest about an hour or so per day in order for you to get results and transform your side hustle into a business.

 You aren’t fully committed to giving this your all. Seriously, cancel those dinner plans and put Netflix on hold. These 10 days are immersive!

 You don’t yet have an idea or you have so many you’re frozen with what to pursue. You need a fairly solid idea to qualify for this course. Otherwise I suggest you do my 90-minute StartLine workshop first.

 You are freaking out about your employer finding out. Be transparent with them before we begin.

 You are wanting to grow a hustle that requires an investment or a pitch to investors or venture capitalists. This bootcamp is for those who are all about being self funded.


"I loved Slingshot, I learnt so much every frickin' day! "


"You rocked it! So happy I invested in the course. Thanks Ruby! I'm so pumped!"


Q: When does the course start and finish?


The course is designed to be completed over 10 days, but having said this, it is a self-paced course. All modules will be available to you upon purchase and the even better news is, the content will stay there forever so you can decide to do it all over again when you need that boost!



Q: What format is the course delivered in?


Through video, audio and workbook.



Q: Do you guarantee that this course will improve my side-hustle and make me money?  


I would love to guarantee this but I can't. There are too many factors out of my control such as the effort you put in. I am however, extremely confident that if you complete this course, you will have everything you need to consistently gain momentum for your business. 



Q: Does it matter what sort of side hustle I have?


My experience is with services based businesses rather than physical goods. Not to say that the principles I teach cannot apply - you decide from here if I'm the right coach for you :)



Q: When will you run this course again with live group coaching? 


Not sure, whenever it makes sense to. But when I do you will be invited to join.



Q: What if I don't have an idea, but many... am I suited to this course?


I suggest you have a fairly clear idea before we kick off. My StartLine workshop may be suitable for you if this is the case.


More amazing testimonials

"I am proud of myself for showing up daily in insta stories as well as posts via fb and linked in. I am also proud of myself for coming up with an opt in that can help people during the pandemic- a tool to plan out your feel better plan for your next low mood before it hits ! Have started to promote this and am now gathering all of the info I have on my 3 month program to start selling."



"I finally have a clear idea of my side hustle." 



"Wow - I am super proud of myself.  Now to start working on my 1:1 coaching program... and sent out a few email bits already!  The website is still a work in progress - but it's something I didn't have 10 days ago.  Now to work on landing pages/clients - thousand dollar months will be here in no time!"



"Thank you Ruby, this has been an amazing 10 days. I’ve gotten so much clarity around my business and what my 20 year goal is. It’s allowed me to focus on making sure my daily posts are constantly leading to that. I LOVE your thoughts on calling in abundance because I feel that when thinking about entrepreneurship. I’ve always thought small because my dream life seemed unattainable but by calling in abundance, I can focus on getting to the goal."



"... I knew I was ready to go all out and holy moly it has been the best 10 days ever!"



"Most proud of putting myself and my business back out there to my people, attracting new one’s, and identifying the current weak points in my business model."



"Thank you Ruby Lee for a great 10 days. I have gained more clarity and confidence in the direction I want to take my business. Finally got back on Instagram and making a habit of it. Created a details plan of my offer and opt in and created the content for my all in offer sales page. I have a big old list of content ideas. I feel inspired and motivated to continue with this momentum, build the right audience and launch my opt in soon. Thank you for this course and for everyone in it!



"I am most proud of the fact that I have stopped talking and started taking action."



"Thank you Ruby and everyone in the group. I have learned so much and got the shot in the arm I needed to get refocused."



"Thanks for the amazing 10 days, Ruby Lee! I've learned so much! I'm more geared towards starting my side-hustle now. Things I'm proud of:

  • "coming out of my shell" (I'm not as afraid to show my face anymore and I'm practicing in front of a camera to get ready showing up on IG story!)

  • -taking actions (creating more contents on my current social media, incorporating what I learned)

I'm now in the process of brainstorming my opt in and offer.







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