Lean in... I'm sharing something special with you...


It’s just occurred to me that I’ve never offered something like this before and well, frankly, how rude of me.


I started to create masterclass mid this year to help side hustlers from all around the world to pick up bite-sized goodness, video trainings and workbooks on topics as voted (and co-created) by the community.


When I started out my business I was only offering courses and 1-1 coaching time with me because the smaller trainings weren’t something that I had thought could add great value to the Own Your Hustle tribe.


I couldn’t ignore the calling though and boy was I wrong!


I’ve had hundreds of individuals register for my power filled masterclasses and in just 60 minutes, each class would produce testimonials of changed lives, launched podcasts, growth in income, new profitable ideas, transformed money mindsets, developed multiple income streams and unapologetic personal brands.


So, here it is…I’ve created for you a New Year Starter Bundle!



I’VE NEVER DONE ANYTHING like this before.


People truly love this content and go onto repeat purchase/ join the ongoing membership site and become long-term private clients of mine.


So here’s the down low...


We’re about to welcome in one of the most expansive years in 12 years - as a new planetary shift begins, we’ll be closing off old chapters and getting ready to write a whole new story for ourselves.


The universe is ready to help you bring the things you’ve been manifesting for and here’s the moment to take all the action, invest in yourself and start to level the f*ck up.


If you’re like me, you’ll be getting laser focused on all the big things you want to call in:

  • Setting clear actionable intentions on the areas in your life that are lacking and need an upgrade,
  • Seeking out people and rituals that will continue to keep my accountable to your life goals,
  • Getting clear on money/ income goals - it’s time to step out from just a little hobby biz to earning some serious cash this year, and
  • Committing to your niche, sharpening it if needed and showing up to serve it ferociously in the next 12 months and beyond.

For me, honouring your dreams is side hustle sacredness. I drink up all the inspiration and the boldness I require to run into the fire, walk on coals, trek through the challenging moments and overall stand victorious at the end of each month, quarter, year.

So… here it is. I have a special gift for you.


The OWN YOUR HUSTLE STARTER BUNDLE is ready to change your world.


In this bundle we have over six hours of the best and most bought masterclasses. Each of these masterclasses are juicy, yummy video trainings accompanied with workbooks to make sure you’re set up no matter what kind of learner you are.


This insanely crazy one-time only offer is here and honestly, it’s something I decided to create on a whim as I reflected on how I can serve you, my tribe.


Yep! When the download happens, it happens and you gotta answer the call. I know you’ve been waiting for this one.


These masterclasses are here to bring you practical advice, Ruby powered energy, positive inspiration and tips that have been brought to you with so much intention and flow. I believe energy carries through my courses and videos so each time you press play on these masterclasses, you’ll be tapping directly into my energy source and expertise under each topic.


The Own Your Hustle Starter Bundle has over 6 hours worth of rich content and includes my pre recorded masterclass + recorded live sessions on:

  • How to raise your profile and personal brand on LinkedIn.


  • How to create money flow and clearing out your financial blocks to form your core business and life beliefs.


  • The ever popular, Beginner’s Guide To Podcasting, including how I started my poddy and how I’m consistently in the top 100 apple charts.


  • Want to incorporate coaching into your business? I’ve got you covered with How To Start An Online Coaching Practice and diversifying your income streams as a side hustler
  • Daily content ideas for your social media. My Content Jam masterclass focuses on how to engage and grow a soul tribe on LinkedIn and your other socials through irresistible content that your tribe can’t wait to consume.


  • How to launch and leverage your speaking career and attract aligned PR opportunities.


  • The foundations to journaling and manifesting your vision to life. 31 journal prompts to get you diving deep into your soul work and calling in your dreams into reality



This bundle is an absolute steal is worth well over $300USD  but for a limited time only you can have instant access to this bundle for $197USD.


This bundle is to help you feel wildly powerful and obsessed with your side hustle. My desire is for you to feel financially abundant, spiritually fulfilled and able to feel truly free to make choices in your career.


So, if right now you're feeling drawn to power up over the new year season then grab my super low offer.


Check it out, once you purchase these masterclasses are yours forever. The can serve you now or perhaps something that you want to look at later in the year - either way, don’t miss out.


I have such a strong desire to get the very freakin best for you and I know with this hell-yes starter bundle, it’ll get you one huge step closer in your hustle goals!



What if I’ve done your courses already?

How are these different?


Many people who enrol in my courses become obsessed with my content and love to be in my energy.


These video masterclasses will fill you with inspired action vibes and powerful learnings to get you started and at such a great low price.


If you have never enrolled in my courses what a way to start!


This is 100% the first step into learning if I’m the right coach for you whilst deeply serving you with the greatest of intentions for your side hustle.


If you’re ready to dive right in for instant access (and of course you are!) I’ll be right here ready to hear all the amazing victories, both from a mindset and practical perspective that will come from our time together.


  • Helen, All Of The Lights

    "I just watched the masterclass! It was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, light and energy with us all. I got so much out of this hour and ready to make big things happen in my hustle"

  • Eli, Beginner's Guide To Podcasting

    "What a great webinar session with Ruby Lee!!! Love the podcast as well!!! Have learnt tonnes of things I had no idea about. Congrats!!"

  • Sammi, Content Jam

    "Thank you Ruby, I loved this Zoom I almost didn’t jump on because I have the bare minimum on LinkedIn but I’m now excited to clean it up and bring it back from the dead! "





With positive light & energy,



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