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Journal Your Vision To Life

It is my belief that journalling sets the scene for the life and business by design you're here to create. I will share with you my journalling secrets and provide you with 30 of my journal prompts to help you step into your power, share your work to the world with pride and start playing HUGE in your side hustle. 


Duration: 65 minutes 

Medium: Audio (recorded live) + Workbook 

Content Jam On LinkedIn

Is LinkedIn confusing to you? Are you thinking about showing up more but are hesitant? If you're unsure how to create content and socially sell your services on LinkedIn then this is the masterclass for you. I've made over 300+ videos on LinkedIn and grew my business by $65k in 65 days just by showing up on LinkedIn everyday in 2018. 


Duration: 65 minutes

Medium: Video Masterclass (recorded live) + Workbook

Code Your Coaching Practice

My 5 part video series built just for the online coach where you learn:

  • Video 1: Slay your imposter syndrome and claim your place as an authority in your field
  • Video 2: How to become a purpose-led coach
  • Video 3: Coding your coaching practice for profit
  • Video 4: Why you should show your playful side in business
  • Video 5: How to launch your practice with a sustainable tech setup


Duration: 250 minutes

Medium: Video Masterclass (recorded live)

LinkedIn Spectacular

5 hours of Personal Branding training with LinkedIn's Content Queen, Ruby Lee. In this video series you will learn:


  • Video 1: The New School Way To Personal Brand On LinkedIn
  • Video 2: LinkedIn vs. Other Social Platforms
  • Video 3: Using LinkedIn To Become A Speaker/ Ambassador
  • Video 4: Monetising On LinkedIn Without Feeling Awkward
  • Video 5: Q&A On Becoming A LinkedIn BrandBoss​

Duration: 300 minutes

Medium: Video Masterclass (recorded live)

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