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Side hustles come in many forms.


It could be providing Uber rides after hours, selling your unwanted goods at the local market on the weekends or even contributing your opinions to focus groups or paid online surveys.


But for me, unless this type of work sets your soul on fire, this is not a purpose-built side hustle, it's just some extra income.



A purpose-built side hustle grounds into your origin story and values. 



Now there's nothing wrong with earning some extra cash - more power to you! 


But my passion is teaching people like yourself to build side hustles that you are so excited about that you lose sleep over it, you forget to eat, you suddenly have no idea what's on TV and you literally become obsessed over your business. 


A purpose-built side hustle never feels like work because it's a lifestyle. 


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For over a decade I indulged in the business world, climbing corporate ladders and leading big teams. But all of this came to a grinding halt when in 2015, I was nearly fired for starting my side hustle.


It was in this moment that my purpose found me and I realised I'd rather pursue my blog - that might I add wasn’t yet bringing in a cent - than I did chasing fancy titles with big salaries for an employer.


So for the next 3.5 years I side hustled with a purpose to build myself a strong financial foundation and today I empower thousands of side hustlers to do the same.


I strongly believe that side hustlers are the future of work, for a couple of reasons:


  • Technology has made it easier than ever to start a business. All you need is a laptop and wifi and you can create a business and literally reach millions of potential customers online.
  • To rely on an employer for 100% job satisfaction is unrealistic. There is no way they can tick all those boxes - perfect job, perfect boss, perfect pay, etc. However, if you combine your day job with your side hustle, then you get a lot closer to total job satisfaction.
  • Having a side hustle is FUN! It is rewarding, challenging, joyous and life changing (and all in an afternoon 😜).

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