Let's just take a moment right now to get real with why your side hustle isn’t making money just yet.


Are you at a crossroads where you want to take your side hustle from a little hobby business to an incredible income generating ticket to freeeeeeeee?


It's time to stop sporadically throwing things at the internet and hoping for the best. I’m referring to spending too much energy on the aspects of your hustle that aren't moving the needle and turning on your magnet so you’re being drawn to all the aligned opportunities and all the aligned opportunities can’t help but be drawn to you.


It’s also the perfect way to repel all the shit that doesn’t resonate with the way you want to do business (including clients who suck and stuff that makes you feel small)!


I know you’re not afraid of sharing your great work because you know it’s amazing and the world needs it, but you just don’t want to be a douche about selling online. Who does? Let’s cut the bullshit lead generation tactics because you and I both know it’s SO fucking cringe-worthy.


We’ve all had those messages hit our social media inboxes that feel cold, boring, ew, ew, ew and often such an invasion of privacy.




Over this next 4 weeks, come and join me as I share with you how to get visible, turn on that magnetism and get paid for being YOU.


I’ll be sharing:

  • How to start monetising with starter social media followings. I started to monetise with less than 300 followers on all my platforms and only 50 people in my facebook group.
  • Lead magnets. The best ones I've ever used with conversions of $5k, $10k and $20 months and guidance on how to create your own magnets so they are constantly drawing in badass clients. 
  • How to slide into Instagram DM’s and connect with your potential clients instantly. Here’s something that will change it up completely. When I do this, I make several thousands of dollars!
  • How to create a facebook group that can’t wait to learn from you, share you with the world and buy all of your offers.
  • Where you’re going wrong and why the peoples aren’t flocking to check out your website and offers after networking online or in person.
  • VOICE, VOICE, VOICE people! How podcasting became my primary lead generation source. (You’ll get instant access to my 1-hr training: Beginners Guide to Podcasting)
  • How I use video content wisely. Let's talk about repurposing without sounding like a broken record and how it leads all the right peeps my way daily.
  • The ways I magnetise my loyal client base and have mad crazy fans who buy all of my shit. Multiple times over I’ve had people say “I don’t even need this course, I just want to be in your energy”.
  • The limiting mindset blocks that are holding you back and busting through those with me. I have several mind-blown meditations ready for you!
  • Sharpening your niche, personal brand and clarifying who you’re showing up for. If you’re not clear, they’re not clear.


Are you ready?


Hi, I’m Ruby.


I’m a business coach for side hustlers and entrepreneurs ready to add digital income streams to their soul-led work.


In 2015 I decided to start a side hustle as a career advisor BUT not long after that I was nearly fired for it. This didn’t stop me. Instead, it fuelled me. I regained my focus, found a supportive employer who encouraged entrepreneurship, hustled my butt off, taught myself A LOT, failed A LOT, cried A LOT and got back up every single fucking time. By March 2018 I was ready to embrace faith and believe that all the things I manifested would come to pass for RubyLee.co


Today I help side hustlers all over the world to monetise their great work. I also help entrepreneurs diversify their offering online through creating digital courses, and virtual coaching options for their clients. After a month into going all in I started to see my business flourish which went from consistent $5k months to $10k, $20k+ months.


I’m doing all of this through scaling my message online organically. Here's a fun fact...I’ve spent less than $2k on paid advertising and whilst that might change in the near future, I know I’m an example that you can have growing abundant months, incredible aligned clients and a business that you’re insanely obsessed with by just being magnetically YOU.


SO, you’re here to start earning with ease right? AND you're prepared to do the (aligned) work...


You’ve heard about people doing the lead generation thing without the sleaze.


When I first started my biz about 4 years ago I thought:


“What if I just start a blog? People will read it, see how valuable my content is and just hire me as their coach. I know! I’ll start an Instagram and post inspirational daily quotes, surely people will see that and click on my website to buy from me.”


Oh my galaxy was I in for a journey!


I had such a clear vision of what I wanted to gain from a side income - I wanted to earn $10k that year so we could go on a no expenses spared family holiday. How cool would that be? (Also,I actually had zero intention of leaving my day job at this point.)


But I didn’t have a clue on how to get visible, to approach potential clients who needed me, I thought word of mouth would have me covered and somehow by the power of the universe people would just be willing to trust me, pay me, refer me, share my great work.


4 years later, my business is on track to earning a multiple six-figure year. Both my husband and I work full-time in it and we are about to take off on a year-long digital nomad adventure in 2019.


This was all possible because I chose to be unapologetic about who I am. I boldly spoke my truth + showed up daily + did the work + got over my own bullshit. I picked myself back up every time I tripped over. I blocked out the naysayers telling me to just get a secure job again. I invested over $20k into my own personal development learning online marketing, lead generation and selling with ease from the best coaches in the world.

So here’s what you get over the 4-weeks:

  • A weekly video masterclass on how to become an undeniable magnet for your business
  • Suggested action steps for you to take to become magnetised to your tribe 
  • Bonus masterclass - Beginner's Guide To Podcasting - a video tutorial on how to start a podcast (an excellent way to attract clients)


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