The 8-week immersive coaching experience that gives you all the confidence to:

>> shape your personal brand,

>> share your message,

>> sell to your soul-aligned clients, 

and make an impact all through the power of LinkedIn.





This program is made for the early stage entrepreneur focused on building your service based and online coaching empire.


Contrary to other LinkedIn courses that teach you how to lead generate with generic copy & paste messages and robotic methods to ‘get the sale’, this course is made for soul-led and purpose-built hustle.


Are you ready to brand like a boss and attract alllll the right clients like a magnet? You're in the right place.


Learn to become a sought after influencer on LinkedIn and grow your boss brand, business and aligned community from the ground up.


Turn your network connections into soul-clients...


even if you’re just starting out in your business journey, or even starting from scratch and have no idea how to use this platform - this course is perfect for you!


As soon as you sign up you will have instant access to the full course.


Welcome to BrandBoss.

Facilitated by Ruby Lee, as seen on:




There has never been a better time to grow your business on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is a content creation platform.


You are probably seeing the other social platforms becoming overcrowded but with LinkedIn there is a huge opportunity and you're thinking, "how do I take advantage of this?".


Perhaps you have even tried posting to LinkedIn but without much "return on investment", so to speak.


The core reasons LinkedIn is not working for you is because:


>> Your personal brand isn't clear


>> You're not really clear on what you're selling


>> You are consuming more than you are creating


It's time for you to stand out, share your message and shape your personal brand on LinkedIn to draw in those aligned opportunities for your hustle.




Did you know:

  • there are over 610 million active users on LinkedIn, but
  • less than 0.5% of these users create content on a weekly basis?

With over 260 million LinkedIn users logging in each month and 40% of the platform interacting daily (and growing week by week) your opportunity to be seen by your potential clients and onlookers are limitless.


LinkedIn isn’t just for your out of date resume or to stalk your ex partners, colleagues and bosses (ok, maybe a bit of that!).


LinkedIn has had a makeover and it's become the hottest, sexiest and most dynamic platform to raise your personal brand online and create opportunities for yourself.


Remember when IG and FB launched? You could see your friends posts without being hit with ads? Welcome to LinkedIn!


The platform is still developing and growing into a powerful sales tool where your content WILL be seen. Now is the time to make your move and establish yourself on this platform to help all of your clients find you and your mission.





My business exploded for me when I got super clear on my personal brand and what I was selling. I was prepared to be my authentic self and showed up every day for 90 days. In this time, I hit some pretty epic goals in my business.


Here are a couple of core areas you can address now:


>> Nail Your Personal Brand

If you don't know your personal brand then your message comes across as confused and therefore so is your audience.


LinkedIn provides you a limitless opportunity to show who you really are. It's my core belief that personal branding is all about attracting all the soul-aligned clients and repelling all the wrong ones


>> Be Unapologetically You

LinkedIn is transitioning from being a one dimensional employer/candidate platform to a dynamic branding platform.


The more you unleash your message without the need to filter, the more you’ll stand out. I see many people hold back so they don't come across "unprofessional". Real professionalism is being your authentic self


If you’re struggling to find true engagement (and I don't mean the vanity metrics such as views & likes) then ask yourself, "am I sharing the real me and selling like a boss on LinkedIn"?


>> Stay In Your Damn lane

Why are you swerving all over the place looking at what others are doing? There ain’t no room for 'comparisonitis', this is your time to shine. Forget what others are doing and triple down on your own message.


All that energy spent on wading through other peoples sites is toxic and taking away from your purpose work on the daily. Focus on your message, plant your seeds, stay in your damn lane and watch your audience grow!


In BrandBoss, not only do I teach you how to show up, but I dive much deeper into your LinkedIn strategy.



The 8-week immersive online coaching experience that gives you all the confidence to:

>> shape your personal brand,

>> share your message,

>> sell to your soul-aligned clients, 

and make an impact all through the power of LinkedIn.





Introducing LinkedIn BrandBoss, my immersive 8-week online coaching experience on how you can transform yourself and your business on LinkedIn.


Here is your weekly breakdown:




We’re launching into the core of why you’re here and how to identify your ideal audience on this platform through authentic personal branding. 


The reality is LinkedIn is growing and FAST!


So we begin by recoding your understanding of LinkedIn and all of it’s fun quirks and qualities. We also look at your values, what you stand for and how to own your truth to set you on the path of being a Brand Boss. 


Inside the module: 

>> Discover your brand pillars and personal values.

>> Learn how to share them and attract your audience with your message.

>> Cut through the noise and be seen and heard for what you stand for and what you don’t stand for.


Join the new breed of influencers that are coming up on LinkedIn by harnessing the power of your personal brand. Not sure what your personal brand is - don't worry we'll work on that too.






I know what you’re thinking, profile advice is overcooked and overdone.


But think of it this way. This is your landing page, the first impression your clients will have of your business. 


Inside the module:

>> A profile refresh. Everything from your title, your summary and your photo counts. We'll use what we've discovered in week one as a basis to strengthen your message to grow your leads via LinkedIn.

>> Profile hacks to convert passerby's into interested clients. 

>> Your posts, activity and articles are clues to what your personal brand represents. Let’s put this under the microscope and see what others in the group think of your brand.


With all of the attention you're going to receive let's get your profile sparkling. I'll guide you through upgrading your profile and show you how easy it can be to navigate the LinkedIn platform.






We’re certainly not waiting until the end of the 8 weeks to launch your personal brand on LinkedIn. It’s starting right here and right now.


This week we focus on a 7-day kickoff challenge and daily content creation. At this point it’s not about getting super strategic but more about getting you on the bike and pedalling. This is a breakthrough week - we face fears, insecurities and all of the excuses you've been making up for yourself! 


If you're already creating content - this week is all about alignment and helping your audience gain clarity on your message again. 


Inside the module:

>> Your '7 days to launch on LinkedIn' plan.

>> Get yourself use to the platform and start reconnecting and being seen again by your close connections.

>> Step into the limelight and feel into the fears, the fun, the moments of doubt. We’ll all be right here as a community to support one another. 

>> Start sharing your work and getting used to answering the question “what is it your business does exactly?” with confidence and pride. 


You want to move the needle then you will need to show up. Don't worry, it is not as scary as it sounds.






THIS is where I share all of my content creation strategies with you. From the on-the-go documentation insights right through to how I launch programs, courses and services on LinkedIn with ease and flow.


Here, I’ll show you how you start becoming a money making LinkedIn content creator.


Inside the module:

>> Crafting your message around your offer and creating a path to excitement for your prospective clients to follow.

>> Helping you create content native for LinkedIn (because it IS so different to the other platforms!).

>> Developing your customer journey from the moment they meet you online. I’ll talk about how I’ve drawn in aligned fans who buy all of my programs (honestly my customer lifetime value is incredible because of this).

>> Creating leads, converting to sales without the ick of dodgy sales techniques and the like. Ain’t nobody has tolerance or room for that! I’ll show you how to do it the BrandBoss way which led me to bringing in $100k in the first 100 days of showing up on LinkedIn. 


Trading attention on LinkedIn can lead to profitable returns with the right content strategy. This week is about how to become better at selling your message with ease without the icky sales techniques.






By now you’ll be experiencing some peaks in your engagement and traffic. It’s exciting but really it’s NOT ABOUT THE NUMBERS!


I will be saying this a lot in our time together - the metrics mean peanuts if your clients are not aligned. I’ve seen too many LinkedIn content creators build businesses that feel so out of alignment that they end up in burnout or hating their hustles.


Inside the module:

>> How to start standing up for what you believe in and avoid building a client base that doesn't get you. 

>> The more you’re sending out a message for what you don’t stand for, the more you’ll create clarity and alignment for your business.

>> Treating your tribe like kings and queens - this is why I’ve consistently not only gained clients but I retain them. The Own Your Hustle community are my people, my support and my clients. I want to show you how I’ve continued to strengthen my message and why my most aligned clients follow me allllll day, everyday. 


Once you have some attention let's scale that so more people will organically find your message. Your message is meant for a bigger stage and you can't do this alone. Let's talk about your cheer squad and fan base to help boost your visibility. 






Have you heard that you need one platform to boost another? Well, from personal experience it’s never felt truer. Dominating on LinkedIn without other platforms can happen but the growth will be slower. So let’s look at some of your other social platforms such as IG, Podcasting and FB to help leverage and cross pollinate into LinkedIn land. 


Inside the module: 

>> Let’s look into how your other social platforms can seamlessly flow into the awesome work you’re doing on LinkedIn. 

>> Discover how to repurpose your content and custom design it for your LinkedIn audience.

>> LinkedIn content will be different to other platforms so let’s look at how engagement here translates to helping your audience know you better and see a different side to your work. 

>> Using booster platforms to growth hack and gain ENGAGED followers without the use of engagement pods and fake likes. This is the real deal. Yes, organic is slower but deeper and richer. I’ll share my experiences here and let you in on my little black book of my social media strategy tips! 


LinkedIn can actually complement your other platforms if you do it right. This is a great way to launch your business organically ie without paid advertisement. This week we look at repurposing to sell and grow using your personal platform and your company page on LinkedIn.






My private clients sign themselves up with ease. They pay me $1,000’s with no questions asked, without consultation calls and without the need to convert the sale. They do this because my content speaks to them. Let me show you how you can do the same. 


Inside the module:

>> How your personal brand is also a magnet. 

>> Gain market share on LinkedIn for your niche within 6 months like I did. Within this time I was crowned “Side Hustle Queen” or “LinkedIn’s #1 energy source” or “LinkedIn Content Queen” from my followers all around the world. I’ll show you how to carve out your stake as a recognised expert, coach and sought after mentor with these key tips. 


Launching off all the work you have done in the past 6 weeks, I'll reveal my key tips to become an authority in your chosen field and be recognised as a sought after coach and mentor.






Here we’ll be summing up our epic 8 weeks together. I’ll be inviting some members to join me on my podcast to talk about your BrandBoss journey and the discoveries you’ve made along the way about your own personal brand, your business growth and your success.


Inside the module:

>> This is not the end but just the beginning - I will elaborate where to from here.


I'll talk about how you maintain the awesome momentum you have gained by now. 


Let’s celebrate you becoming a BrandBoss on LinkedIn!





I hate goodbyes. So let's not end it there! Get this, I'll be releasing another 6 training modules, over 6 hours of additional LinkedIn content for you to dive into:


  • Bonus Training 1 - How to be unapologetically you on LinkedIn
  • Bonus Training 2 - Content Jam on LinkedIn
  • Bonus Training 3 - Become an in-demand speaker
  • Bonus Training 4 - How to be an influencer and work with brands
  • Bonus Training 5 - LinkedIn consistency in the face of the CBFs
  • Bonus Training 6 - LinkedIn growth hacks





In this 5-part series I'll share my entrepreneurial success, practical tips and the lessons I've picked up along the way to help you launch your personal brand on this newly dynamic and most exciting personal branding platform of.

  • Day 1 - The new school way to personal brand on LinkedIn
  • Day 2 - LinkedIn vs Other social platforms
  • Day 3 - Using LinkedIn to become a speaker, influencer, ambassador
  • Day 4 - Monetising on LinkedIn without feeling awkward
  • Day 5 - Becoming a LinkedIn BrandBoss






  • early stage entrepreneur, side hustler, content creator, online coach, and service based business owner excited to step up on LinkedIn.
  • You are seeking clarity on your personal brand and how to use it’s full power & potential on LinkedIn.
  • You’re ready to monetise and make some serious strides in your earnings and growing an online business.
  • You’re unclear how to navigate through a professional platform like LinkedIn as you know it's different to Instagram or Facebook.
  • You suffer from "don't know what to post" syndrome and you’re seeking a LinkedIn community to lean on.
  • You’re a new entrepreneur curious and ready to fast-track your learning about how personal branding works on this platform.
  • You’re afraid to start selling to your LinkedIn audience even though you know your tribe is ready to hear your offer.


If you’ve mentally ticked any one of the above statements, then I would love to have you in BrandBoss!




  • show up unapologetically,
  • craft a strong personal brand online,
  • start attracting sales with ease, and
  • ready to take LinkedIn by storm, then


LinkedIn is THE greenfield opportunity you cannot miss out on. The time is now!



  • you're expecting a quick fix,
  • want instant results and sales,
  • don't like supporting others and lifting them up, and
  • not prepared to put in the work, try new things and show up online.



Upon completion, BrandBoss will show you how to attract thousands to click through to your landing pages with the relevancy of your message. You will know how to share your offers, sell your courses and be a magnet to your aligned clients.


The strategies within BrandBoss is how I generated $100k in my first 100 days and launched courses consistently that are a "hell yes" for my most perfect clients. 


This is truly the LinkedIn program that will keep on giving, help you lock down new clients and confidently show up.


This is THE personal brand program that will help you sell and monetise on LinkedIn.


You know you have to be on LinkedIn to grow your business... you’ve been watching from the side lines and maybe dabbled in some content here and there... time to go all-in, don't miss the boat on this group coaching experience.


Aligned opportunities are just waiting to find you!


I am looking forward to welcoming you to this incredible new program made just for the BrandBoss!




>> 8x video trainings.

>> 7x group coaching call replays I conducted with previous attendees.

>> Workbooks and downloadable resources to ensure you implement the learnings into your business.

>> Access to the LinkedIn BrandBoss hub where all the content will be housed for you with lifetime access.

All prices quoted in USD.






Week 1 looks a little like this...



... and here is a sample of the workbook we are working through in the first week... 


This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of content and value!




And I’m so excited to be sharing all of my knowledge, excitement and love of the LinkedIn platform with you in this program. 


I’ve collated and created an 8-week course on everything I can teach you since growing an aligned and engaged community of 30,000+ followers. 


Initially I was sceptical about how LinkedIn could help me grow my side hustle, but in March 2018 I decided to give the platform a red hot crack for 90 days.


Everyday, I showed up on LinkedIn and the results exceeded my expectations. Thanks to LinkedIn I attracted some absolutely out of this world opportunities and successes including:


>> creating a business from the ground up,

>> making a multiple six-figure business in my first 12 months,

>> selling out group courses and 1:1 coaching programs,

>> locking in 5-figure brand deals,

>> being invited to speak on live TV,

>> being featured in news publications,

>> invited to speak on over 40 stages all around the world,

>> working with brands as an influencer,

>> running workshops for employers,


AND SO MUCH MORE. I'll also add all of these opportunities came to me organically. 


I have bundled ALL of my experience, knowledge and expertise into BrandBoss.


Over this time you’ll be implementing, learning, testing, having fun and creating a brand that you’re excited to stand by.


You’ll be well and truly mastering the flow of LinkedIn content creation and monetising in a new exciting way, just like I did.


THIS IS THE FIRST LINKEDIN PROGRAM out there that also feels like a tribe. 


It’s not just a course it’s a newfound community of early entrepreneurs and first movers on LinkedIn making it HUGE. 


I’ve spent the past 18 months growing my LinkedIn community, uploaded over 500+ pieces of value add content and created a multiple six-figure business in it’s first year from personal branding on LinkedIn. My income is highly diversified thanks to the range of opportunities that have come may way thanks to LinkedIn.


I want to take you behind my business and show you how I did just this in BrandBoss. Are you in?



Will I have access to the course as soon as I purchase the program?

Yes. You will have full access to the full course upon sign up. 


This includes the pre-work which entails 5 exercises to warm you up, then the 8 main modules plus the bonus material as well. You will have complete access to all the modules, replays and resources for life. You can decide to do it all over again if you want (and some people have!).


When will you run this course as a live program again?

I may run this program live again but I have so many other projects scheduled I can't see it happening anytime soon. Should you sign up today and I do run it as a live coaching program in the future, you will be invited to participate at no extra charge.


Do I need to have started a side hustle or business to benefit from this course? What if I just want to use LinkedIn to find a job?

This program is designed for business owners or future business owners. This means all the content is focused on growing your personal brand in order to attract clients to your paid service or product.


If you’re on the job hunt this isn’t the best fit program for you. If you’re just starting out in your side hustle then this is perfect as you can learn the ropes and apply the program right away.


My employer doesn't know I have a side hustle, can I still do this course?

You will not experience the full power of the program if you are half hiding from your boss. I encourage you to have an open and transparent discussion with your employer before the program (if required) so you can implement the full teachings of BrandBoss.


Does it matter what sort of side hustle I have?

My experience is with services based businesses rather than physical goods. Not to say that the principles I teach cannot apply - you decide from here if I'm the right coach for you :)

How much training and implementation is there week by week?

The course is designed to be completed over 8 weeks. There is the main vide training which runs for about 60-minutes then from there it’s up to you how much time you want to spend implementing. The homework is completely self paced so you can jump into it whenever you choose however I do encourage you to complete it weekly so you keep up and get that all important momentum.


Can you guarantee my results?

I pledge to have fully showed up as your LinkedIn coach when creating and delivering this course however results will vary with each individual and how much time and investment in energy and focus you choose to put in - therefore there is no guarantee.


If you’re here to show up and boldly commit to being a BrandBoss on LinkedIn then you’ll start to plant all the seeds required to build a thriving name for yourself on this platform. With this energy comes massive results.



If you have more questions, please reach out to my team via


Say hi over on my socials:

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Join the OWN YOUR HUSTLE movement. 



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