How to set intentions using the power of journalling to #ownyourhustle.




Journalling is a rock solid part of my practice. Journalling isn't about the past, it's about the future. It's about the goals, the vision, the next version of yourself. 


Owning your hustle will mean different things to different people, but to me it's about stepping into a purpose-led business that gives me energy, where I feel in flow and where the work I do gives me and those around me effervescence in life. 


I wanted to steer away from traditional surface level goal setting stuff and go deeper because journalling is soul-deep. I'll share my journalling techniques and show you how to link it to your vision.



Intention Setting Season


I don't believe in goals. I believe in the intention behind each goal. If you set a money goal, let's say 'I want to earn $1,000 in my side hustle', that's meaningless without the intention. 


Journalling has unlocked intentions for me at a deep soul level. The things I didn't allow myself to desire but now I do.


An intention of mine for 2018 was to serve 5000 side hustlers. Everyday I wake up thinking of each of you and how I can help you step into your purpose-led side hustles in flow and energy.


This intention has turned into me creating a business that's bringing in multiple 5 figure months consistently. If I had a goal that just said 'I want to make $20k monthly' that would have been meaningless to me.


If this is making sense or you want to find out more, you need to attend this masterclass.


Journal Your Vision To Life


I want to show you how to create powerhouse intentions linked to big audacious goals. I want your next 12 months to be the year where you can have it all. The job, the side hustle, the harmony in your family life, the abundance and the energy. Join me and learn:


  • 101 in journalling techniques including scripting, manifesting and intentions
  • what to write, how to write and when to write
  • examples and excerpts of my journal entries 
  • linking intentions to your goals and how to call it in
  • massive vision setting and power breakthroughs 
  • deep inspiration for your social media posts and podcast episodes, your content will be flowing soul
  • daily discipline hooked into your system of side hustle success








  • One hour audio class
  • Workbook with 30 daily journal prompts

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