What if you could quit your 9-5 and live a life travelling the world, spend more time with the people you love and wake up everyday to be a difference maker?


WELCOME TO AMPLIFY, Ruby Lee’s exclusive group coaching program.


This program is made for the entrepreneur just starting out in their online business. Rather than just fumbling around on your own, doesn't it make sense to learn from Ruby who has done it and done it a heck of a lot successfully?


Ruby will show you how to monetise what you love to do without trying to fit the mould, instead just by being you. She will be teaching you how to monetise your passion and grow your aligned global community through your authentic personal brand.


Over these weeks, you will learn how to create your offers and sell them online, all so you can create a lifestyle that you wake up wildly obsessed with.


Ready for this?


We kick off soon!




... if you already have a business or a business idea that you want to get started with.


You don’t need to be making lots of money at this stage (or any) - I’ll show you how to do that.


In particular, Amplify is well suited for:

> Business owners who have 6 months - 5 years experience but have not yet created an online income strategy, but desire to.

> Service based entrepreneurs i.e coaches, mentors, trainers, facilitators - if you’re wanting to learn how to scale your business then this program is for you.

> Early stage entrepreneurs who seeking clarity on branding, packaging up offers, scaling them to create passive and active income.

>> Entrepreneurs who desire more than just straight up business strategy but enjoys learning about how to be more mindful, conscious and soulfully connected to themselves and their mission.


Amplify Group Coaching is NOT suitable for you if you have physical product stock. It is designed more for the service based business.


Here's our playbook & what you can expect week on week.


Each week a video masterclass will come your way. This is followed by a live call every other week to add further insight. If you know me, I do not end the live call until all your questions are answered.


Here is a breakdown of each week & the powerhouse topics we will cover:



Amplify is the program for you if


> you're looking to gain real validation, momentum and belief that you can make the business of your dreams. By investing in this program, you save time by learning exactly how I amplified my hustle. I will provide you a step-by-step insight into how I started and now generate multiple 5-figure months.


> you want to instil a new found belief and hustle in yourself. Running your own business is 90% above the shoulders. Sure, the practical strategy and tactics are essential, but when you couple this with a strong mindset, you will be blown away with what you can achieve.


> you know you're destined more than the 9 to 5 grind. You want a life where you're in control and accountable to yourself. Welcome to the world of uncapped potential.





> 10 video modules and workbooks, each will have a focus area to step you through growing a profitable online business (valued at $4,000)

> 5 live Q&A sessions where Ruby provide you with live support (valued at $2,500)

> Private Amplify Facebook Group to connect with the group, collaborate and keep one another accountable (valued at $1,000)

> Unlimited Voice Messaging with the Red Carpet option (valued at $1,500).

> 1 x 90 minute private strategy call with the Red Carpet option (valued at $500).

>> Lifetime access to The OYH VIP membership with the Red Carpet option (valued at $500).




So much value for a fraction of the price...





One of the aspects Ruby is particular about is to ensure that you are the right fit and at the right level for this program.


This is so you are able to see the best results for the investment you are putting forward over the next 10-weeks together. If you know that this is it & you cannot work together, hit the apply button now. There are only limited places available!





When will I have access to the program?


Amplify commences 24th June 2019.


However, you will have access to the private Facebook group before this time so you're able to network and participate in the pre-work.



What can I expect week on week?


Each week you will receive a video masterclass for you to indulge in and complete the accompanying workbook for implementation. This is all accessed with your unique login and access to the Amplify Members Portal. Ruby will also be jumping on 5 bi-weekly livestreams during this 10-week period.



Will I have ongoing access to the videos and workbooks?


By the end of the 10 weeks you will have complete access to all the replays and resources for life. You can decide to do it all over again if you want or tuck back into the weeks where you need a boost after our live round is over.


You will also have lifetime access to the Facebook group, so as future intakes happen, you will be able to access all the ongoing live coaching calls. How great is that?


What if I can’t keep up week by week or if I’m away for a part of the course content?


It’s all good.


We’ll be running live Q&A's but that doesn’t mean you have to attend it live. With timezone differences and busy schedules we’ve got you covered. Replays can be viewed again in the private Facebook group.


We will also maintain an Amplify Member's Portal which you’ll have lifetime access to. The team will have the replays in here within 48 hours or so. This means you’re able to watch the replays when it’s most convenient, even if it's months afterwards!


The only part that concludes is the Red Carpet Upgrade Option of unlimited voice messaging. This closes 10 weeks from the commencement of this program.



Will you be hands on as a coach during this time or is it all at arms length?


Ruby is an all-in kinda gal. This means you’ll be able to tag Ruby in the private Facebook group and ask her questions in the live trainings.


And of course if you’ve upgraded to Red Carpet you’ll have voice message access to Ruby over the 10 weeks. This is truly where all the connection and magic happens.



When will you run this program again?


Approximately October/ November 2019. If you have an online biz that you would like to launch before then, it's recommended  you don't hesitate for another 4 months. The world is waiting for your greatness. 


Do I need to have started a side hustle or business to benefit from this program?


You don't have to have started your hustle yet (check out Lillian's testimonial), but ideally you have a good idea of what your business is going to be about. If you haven't, let us know in the application form. We have something for to help you get off the Startline!


If you’re just starting out in your side hustle then this is perfect as you can learn the ropes and apply the program right away



Does it matter what sort of business I have?


Ruby's experience is with services based businesses rather than physical product goods. Not to say that the principles I teach cannot apply - you decide from here if I'm the right coach for you :)


How many hours do I need to invest week on week?


1-2 hours a week minimum!


It’s up to you how much time you want to spend implementing. The homework is completely self paced so you can jump into it whenever you choose however I do encourage you to give each of the weekly challenges a good crack to get the most from the live group energy.



Can you guarantee my results?




Ruby will teach you, inspire you, motivate you, nudge you and cheer you on but it takes time, belief and effort to get results. No overnight success formulas here.


If you’re here to show up and boldly commit to amplifying your hustle, with this energy comes massive results.


What if I’d like private coaching during these 10 weeks?


Upgrade to the Red Carpet option as you’ll get 10 weeks of voice support (via Facebook Messenger) and also a bonus 90-minute strategy coaching call which you can use anytime during the 10 week period.


If you require additional sessions we can arrange based on your needs.



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