Oh my hustle, it’s here!


The transformational group coaching program made just for side hustlers has arrived.


And it’s beyond, beyond, beyond juicy on the inside.


When I decided I would go all in with my side hustle in March 2018,

I was looking everywhere for a group coaching program to help me. Specifically to:


1) transition out of corporate life;

2) get over all my shitty money beliefs and all the confidence blockers I had;

3) get clear on my personal brand and market myself with ease;

4) push past all the hurdles around letting go of what I had known to be normal for the past 12 years;

5) embrace the fact that I was destined for bigger things and build a freaking empire online, and

6) do this with other amazing people where I could learn and receive their support along the way.


I was so ready. And it seems, so are you! 

The call was so strong but damn did I need support.


I was looking out for a mentor to help me see clearly, a coach to strategise with, a human who could empathise and a spiritual badass who could cut through the physical bullshit bore of starting a business and guide with soul. I didn't find what I was looking for in one place so instead...


I spent literally hundreds of hours in self-development and forked out well over $25K USD on group coaching, private coaching, attending seminars, reading over 40 books in a year and diving into a special space for me: spiritual development.


This was the very thing I had to do to become that coach I so desired to find - and the beautiful full circle part?

I’m now here for you.


By March 2018 my side hustle as a career coach brought in $100k and I knew it was time. If I could do this whilst working full time and helping so many lives along the way, damn I would be honored to help others do the same. So here's how I help my clients today. 



My private clients and I co-create together to:


>> grow their brand online,

>>get through money mindset and abundance blocks,

>> create confidence to share their truth,

>> work in harmony with their employer,

>> create new income streams,

>> take their offering online,

>> price their services authentically,

>> grow an aligned tribe,

>> serve your soul desires,

>> develop new programs and digital offerings,

>> dominate social media & grow a badass personal brand,

>> become keynote speakers,

>> become authors,

>> launch chart topping podcasts…



Amongst this, it was always soul first.

As I grew in my spiritual journey so did my clients. The work is not complete without:

>> journalling practices and prompts,

>> guided meditations,

>> energy work,

>> EFT/ tapping,

>> visioning,

>> manifestation, crystal talk and breath work...


Many of my clients went on to see amazing results financially yes, but also in their own self-worth and self-love. I witnessed each one step into their full birthright power. I witnessed old shackles being left behind forever. I witnessed amplified versions of each individual. 


What can I say? I love my private clients and their hustles love me! 


But let's get one thing straight. We're here as a group to make money. We're past the hobby business stage and we're here to be compensated abundantly for the work we do. And we're here to do this together, as a group. 





These are just some of what my private clients are reporting back during or after working with me as a coach:

  • Booking first ever paid speaking gigs
  • Booking 5 x private clients in a week after learning about my Instagram secrets
  • Launching a podcast that hit the Apple chart at #25
  • Launching a digital course for the first time and enrolling 6 new clients
  • Launching a personal brand on LinkedIn that scored an MC gig
  • Raising prices, attracting better quality clients and booking work with ease
  • Hiring their first virtual assistant which resulted in creating more content which = more income flow
  • A stronger spiritual practice and unexpected opportunities showing up constantly
  • Launching a personal brand on LinkedIn which gained a speaking gig in Dubai! This is a first ever speaking gig too!
  • Restructuring an entire business model (because they hated their hustle) and with a few tweaks, clearing out the old and making room for the new … my client is now wildly obsessed and the business has never been more successful
  • Resigning from the 9-5! and going all in with her dream businesses
  • and so many other milestone and breakthrough moments.


The purpose of this group coaching is to invest into your big ticket dream


Want the laptop lifestyle?

Work from anywhere in the world? Santorini or Bali perhaps?

Have the designer shit and still be spiritual AF?

Spend more quality time with the family?


Ok, these are my big ticket dreams but whatever yours are, it’s all about saying yes to your soul.


I did the side hustle thing for over 3 years & built up my side hustle to hit $100k in income.


"Imagine what I could do if I was full time in this?" I thought...


Within a month of going all in (and heck yes I was scared shitless) I started to experience massive income growth from...


$3,000k a month

$5,000k a month

$10,000k a month

$15,000k a month

$25,000k month… is now on track to hit our first $50k month and this was within a 10 month period!




For those of you who speak 'crystal'... I'm your Citrine.


I'm here to amplify your abundance, help you cleanse out and extinguish the old mindset,

connect to source and find balance in a way you've never thought of balance. 


Not only have the results from my clients been phenomenal, but the results in my own business are also absolutely incredible. The thing about working with me is you don’t just get a coach on a soapbox telling you in theory how to do something.


You get the real deal - you get to see behind my business, the things I’ve tried, the things that have miserably failed and how you can prevent it, as I grow in areas, you grow in areas, as I am finding and attracting success you’re finding and creating successes, as I’m creating you are creating - we are in this together.


I'll be here to:

>> deep dive into your business model,

>> your client attraction strategy,

>> your social media strategy,

>> your pricing,

>> your marketing plan,

>> your spiritual practice,

>> your mindset blockers,

>> and so much more!


I'll be here for the conversations you’ll be having with Mum, Dad, boss, partners, friends - you know, those that question, judge and push all your buttons. Trust me, this part can be very testing & boy oh boy! I've been there! 

  1. Create an intimate focused AF space to hustle and flow. When we gather this is our sacred time, a time to grow our epic side hustles into soul led empires!  
  2. Take you through every single step of launching your first digital course. I’ve launched 5 courses and 8 masterclasses in just 10 months, each contributing to my ongoing financial success AND gaining forever clients. 
  3. Get straight with your pricing and your money stuff. We're here to make some serious money so lets clear out those boulders and let that river flow. 
  4. Online Branding. Let's get so visible that others just can't miss you. I’m talking about a full freakin’ facelift baby! I specialise in LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Podcast conversions. Did I mentions that I am the Queen of monetising starter followings?


My Ground Intention For You My Love


It's time to a seat at the round table. Pull up a chair and lean in. Lean into your purpose, lean into each other and lean on me. This year, we're open for business.


I want you to love what you're put on this Earth to do.

I want you to be wealthy, prosperous, generous, abundant, mindfully manifesting your perfect life. In 90 days you'll be consciously creating life around you, living your days with choice and freedom just by being you.


You’re here on purpose, with purpose, for a purpose


This is the year of your side hustle.

Your moment is right, fucking, NOW.

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