Is LinkedIn confusing to you?


If you’re unsure

how to create content and socially sell your services on LinkedIn then this is the masterclass for you.



Let's be real here. LinkedIn is still a strange platform and it's even more of a mystery when it comes to how to grow your hustle on there. 


I've had my fair share of viral posts & the ones that are major flops. But through it all I've been able to bring in well in excess of $150k+ worth of sales. I'll take you through how I did this in less than 6 months. So come on! Let's Content Jam






Why LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is the land of opportunity for early stage businesses. It's still such a blank canvas & it's been my creative playground for 6 months.


It has 500 million users and only 1% of us use it for video and even less for social selling. What an opportunity!


I've made over $150k in sales on a free platform and further to that have been approached by two major brand partnerships worth over $45k all whilst growing my international speaking brand. 



In this masterclass I’ll show you:

  • how to create content for LinkedIn
  • how to create value-add posts without over thinking it
  • how to socially sell on LinkedIn without the sleazy second hand car salesman factor, and
  • overall, draw in amazing opportunities for your hustle.


PLUS - you’ll get a 28-day content sales plan for LinkedIn to keep those creative juices flowing!




This online masterclass is ready for you to watch now.




Well done on the webinar yesterday. Very engaging, fun and energetic.


- Adam

Thank you Ruby loved this zoom, I almost didn’t jump on because I have the bare minimum on LinkedIn but I’m now excited to clean it up and bring it back from the dead!


- Sammi



Hey Ruby! Thank you for all this great information. That was very helpful  :) 


- Francesca





For over a decade I indulged in the business world, climbing corporate ladders and leading big teams. But all of this came to a grinding halt when in 2015, I was nearly fired for starting my side hustle.


It was in this moment that my purpose found me and I realised I'd rather pursue my blog - that might I add wasn’t yet bringing in a cent - than I did chasing fancy titles with big salaries for an employer.


So for the next 3.5 years I side hustled with a purpose to build myself a strong financial foundation and today I empower thousands of side hustlers to do the same.


I strongly believe that side hustlers are the future of work, for a couple of reasons:


  • Technology has made it easier than ever to start a business. All you need is a laptop and wifi and you can create a business and literally reach millions of potential customers online.


  • To rely on an employer to provide you with the perfect job and the perfect pay and provide 100% job satisfaction is unrealistic. There is no way they can tick all those boxes. However, if you combine your day job with your side hustle, then you get closer to total job satisfaction.


  • Having a side hustle is FUN! It is rewarding, challenging, joyous and life changing. (And all in an afternoon 😜).


If this is talking to you but unsure where to begin then this video masterclass is perfect for you!


Join in and I'll catch you on the inside,





"Have always loved your energy Rubes. Love how much work you put in."



"Hi Ruby, I just watched the Masterclass - it was amazing!"



"I just watched the replay and it was fantastically awesome."



"I love it that you're keeping it real and seems so feasible!!"



"... we can continue to cheer each other on and share our wins and the not so great days."



"I am proud of the fact that I have stopped talking and started taking action."



"For the first time in my life I have gained clarity on my purpose."



"... so excited and inspired and ready for more."









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