An Immersive Masterclass On How To Create A Podcast

This one hour video masterclass is on how I started my podcast and the techniques I used that propelled me up the iTunes charts.


A detailed walk through on getting your idea out of your head and into the microphone.​

Whether you are on a budget or ready to invest in equipment, I'll have you covered.

Discover my secret sauce to recording an engaging and successful podcast. I'll share how I made it into the charts after only 5 episodes!

A replay of my Q & A session that followed the masterclass answering all things podcasting.


It's Time To Share Your Ideas Through Voice

Create Juicy Content

I will reveal the formula I use to choose my podcast topics AND how to create juicy content that will have you audience waiting for more!


Equipment & Process

I think you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to launch a podcast. I will walk you through the steps and show how you don't have to be a technical genius to create audio magic. 

Secret Sauce

Everybody has that special something that separates them from the pack. Learn how to create your secret sauce to make your podcast uniquely YOU. 


Q & A

You probably have a stack of questions to ask about podcasting. I answered many questions during the webinar so probably answered any question you have.


Price in $USD.


This Is For You If:




You really, really want to start a podcast but you're not sure how to.


You are sick of thinking about it and not getting anywhere. 


You are ready to raise your personal brand.


You are brand new to podcasting - this is a beginner's guide. 


This Is NOT For You If:



You already have a podcast.


Ruby Lee


Hi, I'm Ruby.


I started my podcast in May 2018, literally not that long ago and have experienced amazing results for my business and brand. 


I launched the Own Your Hustle podcast and it has quickly risen to be in the top 10 podcasts consistently for business!


I would love to share with you how I did it, how to become a content machine and all you need to do to have a successful podcast.




"What People Are Saying"

"Whooooo hooooo!!!! I'm so excited to share all of this goodness with you. I just wanted to let you know that your masterclass made a difference and I have been excited to work on it. I have really enjoyed working through my master class book and coursework."


- Liz C

"What a great webinar session with Ruby Lee!!! Love the podcast as well!!! Have learnt tonnes of things I had no idea about. Congrats!!"


- Eli T

"It was amazing. Unfortunately I didn't go live, so I'm playing catch up. But it was so informative and answered all of my questions."


- Seraphina L 

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