Be Unapologetically You On LinkedIn


If you want to raise your profile on LinkedIn and unsure how. 


If you want to get in front of a wider audience without compromising your message. 


Overall, you want to learn how to be unapologetically you on LinkedIn, then this


video masterclass is for you!


Be Unapologetically You On LinkedIn

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  • 35 minutes on how to be real AF on LinkedIn.

  • How to be unapologetically you, own your truth and take action to harness your online personal brand.

  • Discover how I grew my LinkedIn following from 3,000 to 12,000 in 3 months and since climbed to over 29,000

  • Attract unbelievable opportunities for you and your hustle

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Naturally as your LinkedIn following grows, more and more people are going to check out your LinkedIn profile.


So you need it looking snazzy.


This step by step guide will ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, eye catching and bursting with your personality.


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Ruby Lee


Hi, I'm Ruby.


I had always dabbled in LinkedIn during my recruiter days and built a following of 3,000 people. Not too bad but it did take me 10 years to do it.


Then in March 2018 I discovered a way to dramatically increase my presence on LinkedIn. So much so that my following grew to over 12,000 people in 3 months. As of June 2019 it has reached over 27,000 followers.


I would love to share with you how I did it, how to be real AF and unapologetically you on LinkedIn.




"What People Are Saying"

"Hi Ruby, Thanks for all your great tips in the webinar this morning - it's prompted me to take action"


- Michelle A

"Loved the way you articulated the benefits which were really quite powerful"


- Prash T

"Thanks Ruby Lee for your support. I finally got out of my own way!


- Tali S

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