Hi Amazing Soul,


I'm so excited you're here. My name is Ruby Lee and my purpose is to serve soul-led side hustlers all around the world. After side hustling myself for 3+ years I chose to take the leap and in March 2018 it was my time to soar! 


I have today helped launch hundreds of side hustles globally, inspired new income streams and co-created with hundreds more to boldly monetise their ideas.


My business is all about soul and strategy. I'm here to help the multi-passionate, the wildly creative and the spirited ones who are called more than ever before to make a mark on the world and say 'yes!' to purpose. 


Many who discover me for the first time will ask, where do I start? Which program of yours should I dive into first? How do I sharpen my personal brand, learn how to launch and become a coach like you? 


So let's make this super easy. I've bundled my best three basic foundational courses for you to indulge in. The learnings you'll receive from these courses have transformed hundreds of hustles. 


The 3 programs are...


Side Hustle Slingshot (valued at $297)

Personal Brand Boss (valued at $297)

Blaze (valued at $497)


...and get this, we'll be covering every single damn side hustle base including...


> how to monetise your side hustle

> launching your product or service online

> creating sales momentum and selling with ease

> harnessing your personal brand

> building your soul tribe

> creating a business model you're obsessed with

tech platforms and resources I use (I'll show you behind my business)

and so much more! 


These 3 online programs are going to amplify your hustle, check your blind spots and prepare you for a bright AF future.


Everything I teach you in these courses are what helped me bring in $100k in my side hustle and today consistent 5-figure months since going all in.


As part of this bundle you'll receive almost a 30% discount.


The value of these 3 online programs are normally valued at $1,091 USD but here you can lock in your basics bundle for $777USD.






These three programs are online and self-paced so you have the flexibility to enjoy each in your own time.


> Each of the video trainings are between 45 minutes to 90 minutes long with multiple videos in each course - so much friggin' content!


> Contains soul work (e.g. manifestation practice + journalling prompts) and strategic tips (business strategy, branding, tech and social media domination).


> Workbooks, prompts, downloadable audios and energy filled videos.






Previous clients have dubbed this online course the "10- day global bootcamp" due to the massive shifts they make in their side hustle because of this course.


Side Hustle Slingshot takes you from monetising your hustle, implementing a social media plan and launching a sales offer to potential clients.


I deliver new training to you daily so you can implement in your business straight away.



Define your personal brand, promote your unique offering and show up online unapologetically as you learn how to own your message fearlessly - this is what you will learn in Personal Brand Boss.


This is what personal branding is to me which has resulting in me growing my social media account into the thousands and launch my side hustle into a 6-figure business.


Designed to be completed over 4-weeks, you will learn how to craft your brand, the importance of your origin story, create your messaging, utilising social media and becoming confident with who you are.



Intended to be completed over 4-weeks, this online program is for the up and coming coach who wants to blaze their own trail.

  • Reinvent your coaching practice to be an online global success.

  • Explore the coaching models that best suits your style.

  • Go behind the scenes of my RubyLee.co business on all the tech and resources I use to streamline, automate and scale.

  • Learn how to brand yourself using social media to attract soul aligned clients,

and so much more!




"For the first time in my life, I've gained clarity on my purpose, my niche and how these underpin both my profession and side hustle."


(Personal Brand Boss)

"Most proud of putting myself and my business back out there to my people, attracting new one’s, and identifying the current weak points in my business model."


(Side Hustle Slingshot)

"Wow. I am so excited to build my side hustle now. Great course!"


(Blaze With Ruby Lee)

I loved the practical tips and the mindset work. Pleasantly surprised have the value of the course. Thanks Rubes.


(Blaze With Ruby Lee)

"This coaching experience with Ruby has impacted my life for a better change and I can just be myself - it’s been amazing." 


(Personal Brand Boss)

"I am most proud of the fact that I have stopped talking and started taking action."


(Side Hustle Slingshot)

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